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ApplicationContinuity.org publishes information on application survivability and reliability, with a primary focus on messaging and email continuity, telecommunications and network continuity along with information on strategies to ensure that critical applications operate to an acceptable level of performance.



Survey Reveals Widespread Inadequacies in Email Outage Prevention

King Research A new study conducted by King Research, and sponsored by Teneros, surveyed 220 IT professionals responsible for messaging systems in mid-market companies. The goal was to gather data on the activities and products that IT teams are using to ensure messaging continuity, as well as to investigate key challenges faced by the individuals responsible for keeping their corporate email up and running. The research suggests that while most companies are clearly aware of the damage email downtime can do, that knowledge has not yet translated into increased spending on technology and human resources to prevent downtime, hence, outages are still a reality.

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Better Business Continuity through VMware Virtual Infrastructure
Each year hundreds of data centers experience significant interruptions due to software and hardware failures, viruses, and more. You'll leave our session knowing how VMware virtual infrastructure ensures a faster, more flexible, and more reliable disaster recovery at a lower cost.

Computer World

Enterprises Rate Importance of IP Telephony Features
Computerworld invited its online visitors to participate in a short survey on IP telephony. The goal of the survey was to better understand the challenges of IP telephony and how different-size organizations are addressing those challenges. The survey was commissioned by ShoreTel, but data was gathered and tabulated independently by Computerworld Research. The following report represents top-line results of that survey.


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Silver Peak

VoIP: LAN-like Quality on the WAN
Most major enterprises have Voice over IP (VoIP) projects either under way, or in the testing and evaluation stage. According to a recent ComputerWorld survey, VoIP deployments will grow faster in the next 18 months than any other category of enterprise applications, with a full 16% of enterprises planning to implement VoIP in that time period.


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