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ApplicationContinuity.org exists as a virtual community that seeks to bring together information, ideas and opinions from interested persons and organizations.

ApplicationContinuity.org publishes information on application survivability and reliability, with a primary focus on messaging and email continuity, telecommunications and network continuity along with information on strategies to ensure that critical applications operate to an acceptable level of performance.



Survey Reveals Widespread Inadequacies in Email Outage Prevention

King Research A new study conducted by King Research, and sponsored by Teneros, surveyed 220 IT professionals responsible for messaging systems in mid-market companies. The goal was to gather data on the activities and products that IT teams are using to ensure messaging continuity, as well as to investigate key challenges faced by the individuals responsible for keeping their corporate email up and running. The research suggests that while most companies are clearly aware of the damage email downtime can do, that knowledge has not yet translated into increased spending on technology and human resources to prevent downtime, hence, outages are still a reality.

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What are the components of your messaging continuity plan that currently exists at your organization?

On-site tape or disk storage backup
On-site failover system in place
On-site redundant email server(s)
Off-site backup
Off-site failover system in place
No continuity currently, in planning stages
No plans
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"Mission-Critical Network Planning"
Artech House, October 2003

Maintaining business and network continuity is as much about maintaining good performance when confronted with incidental events and temporary outages as it is about handling catastrophic ones. As Dave Piscitello describes in this Foreword, Matthew Liotine's book presents strategies, best practices, processes, and techniques to prepare networks that are survivable and have stable behavior.


What are the most critical enterprise applications? Business Process Management? Customer Resource Management? What about communications; messaging and telecommunications applications?

There is a strong case to be made that "communications" applications are the most critical in every organization. A survey conducted by ApplicationContinuity.org in early 2006 clearly showed that Email is the communications medium of choice. Employees rely on email messaging for the majority of communication to other employees, contractors and agents. 73% cited email for more than 60% of their internal communications, contrasted with those who relied on the telephone or on in-person interaction.

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Application Continuity

Importance of Messaging Continuity:
During this 30-minute webinar replay, Mr. Osterman discusses issues surrounding the importance of email, the reality of email downtime, the real losses that result from outages, and the need for mobile availability.

Silver Peak

Network Memory
Silver Peak Network Memory uses advanced pattern recognition techniques to reduce data over the WAN. Learn more about this technology and the enormous impact it has on branch office server centralization.


Reducing Total Cost to Mitigate (TCM) Using a Patch Proxy: A Guide for IT Managers
John Morency, Transitional Data Services, Inc., provides an IT guide book for The Role of Patch Management in Vulnerability Mitigation.

Blue Lane

Enterprise Software Vulnerabilities: A Perfect Storm
Join Fred Kost for this 12 minute Executive Overview On Demand Webinar providing insight into how the Vulnerability and Patch Cycle is Undermining the Enterprise IT Infrastructure.

Application Continuity

Email Application Continuity:
Top IT professionals share their experiences ensuring non-stop messaging. 90% have experienced challenges. What lessons have they learned?


Latest Survey Reveals Exchange Continuity Plans Miss the Mark
This survey determines whether small, medium and large enterprises are prepared to deliver an acceptable level of continuity for Exchange, and whether they are properly prepared to recover from a failure event.


Messaging Continuity Pocket Guide
Industry Analyst, John Morency, provides an in-depth 51-page primer combining comprehensive examination of the importance of messaging continuity and the various solutions available. You'll get "real world discussion points" to help you clarify best practices to consider in your evaluation process.


Best Practices in Web Performance Monitoring
Join Alistair Croll, Interop conference faculty and Coradiant’s VP of product management for a top down view of Web performance monitoring. This informative look at Web measurement business goals, operating processes, tools and metrics will give you a solid understanding of the issues - without a product pitch.

Ferris Research

New Tools to Ensure High Reliability in Microsoft Exchange
Join Ferris Research moderator, David Via, as he presents findings of an extensive industry research project aimed at discovering best practices for building High Reliability in a Microsoft Exchange enviroment. This 60 minute presentation includes 30 minutes of research findings, and 30 minutes of Q&A from participants.

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